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Brisbane Extra

Mon Feb 6 2006

From family birthdays to anniversaries, if you like to keep a record of those special days, Belinda Burrows has discovered two unique ways that focus on your memories.

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings. They have us rushing from store to store, looking for something that resembles a present.

"Everybody's always looking for something different," said photographer Sandy Willmett.

If you're one of them, Sandy Willmett may just be your little ray of sunshine. You see, this Logan grandmother photographs each and every day's sunrise and sunset, capturing the first and last moments of a day that's special to someone somewhere.

"Birthday, anniversaries, wedding presents - a great wedding present."

Sandy's been photographing sunrise and sunsets for years, giving away her photos initially as gifts before developing her hobby into a snappy business approximately 8 years ago. Now she sells her limited edition photographs fully framed, with prices starting from $70.

A worthwhile memento, according to Dani Prestia, who has sunrise photographs from the day each of her children were born.

"This is something you can put up on your wall and every time you walk past it, you gather those memories of that day," explained Dani.

Sandy has every sunrise and sunset dating back to the start of 2001. However, she also has most from 1999 and the year 2000.

So, if you're looking for a unique gift for someone special, why not give them a piece of history to hang on the wall?

Photographs of sunrises and sunsets range in cost from $70 through to $180 and can be ordered by calling (07) 3200 9916.

Article By:
Brisbane Extra Team
Channel 9

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