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I was only weeks short of  photographing 5000 consecutive sunrises & sunsets & on my way to sunrise on May 30th (2014) when a red light runner hit me at 80k,s.( in a 60k zone) After time in hospital, my ongoing injuries & being unable to drive, my greatest passion of photographing the sunrise &  sunset every day & the joy those photos bought to so many, has now ended! I wish to thank my wonderful  supporters over the last 15 years, it has been an  honour &  pleasure to have  been able to give such a wonderful gift to you!. I AM NOW SELLING ALL MY PHOTOS UNFRAMED AT HALF PRICE!! Dates from 1999 to 29.5.2014. A Certificate of Authenticity still given. Paypal is now available. Once these dates are sold, they will not be reproduced, so hurry & do not miss this last chance for a genuine sunrise or sunset of that special day!

Thank you everyone, it has been great & it breaks my heart to end my passion like this!! Sandy.

I am thrilled my passion has become a treasured lifetime moment for others. A gift, that is unique, original, not mass produced, on film prior to may 2009, digital from June 2009, and always brings an emotional response. After all, would you give away the Sunrise or Sunset of the day you were born?

I am proud to be able to offer these photos to you. Queenslands, possibly Australias original Sunrise and Sunset Photographer... 365 days a year.

Every sunrise, Every sunset sinse 01.01.01
Nearly every day 1999-2000
Limited dates 1995-1998